Monday, April 29, 2019

Keeping Millennial Employees Happy

Millennials and baby boomers have a very different approach when it comes to their careers. Millennials prefer to move from job to job, learning and moving up along the way, while baby boomers were more likely to spend their whole career at only one or two companies. As the workforce moves to preferring short term positions, employees value training opportunities more than ever.

According to Inc.:
  • 92 percent of U.S. employees say that learning something new on the job makes them more motivated and engaged in their work
  • 79 percent of employees say when searching for a job, it is important to them that the employer offers a formal training program to their employees
  • 83 percent of employees find on-the-job training most effective in helping them perform well in their job compared with classroom-based training, self-paced training (i.e. e-learning) and more
  • The majority of employees (33 percent) say they have participated in past training on technology skills, while only 17 percent say they've participated in management skills training
  • More than half (51 percent) of employers don't offer soft skills training (i.e. how to speak to a customer or client effectively)
  • 68 percent of employers don't incentivize or reward employees for completing trainings
How are you preparing employees for their futures? Whether you want them to move up within your own ranks or expect them to move on, employees now more than ever value acquiring knowledge at work.

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