Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Improve a Bad Day

So, now that Worlco has placed you in a great new position, you are expected to perform at your best. As a Worlco candidate, the company who hired you will expect the best, five days a week, eight hours a day. But maybe you’re not having a great day. What can you do? Recently I read a great article about seven ways to climb out of a bad day. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Take a nap- These days, many companies give an hour lunch. There is no shame in hiding out in your car for 30 minutes, rolling down the windows on a nice day, and falling right to sleep. Because some people wake up from a nap really cranky, I recommend keeping it short, being more of a power nap. This much needed sleep can refresh you and get you right back on track.

2. Take a look at your social media site- Use your mobile phone, walk away from your desk, and see what your friends are up to for the day. Read a blog post about a sport that interests you or read a mindless magazine.  Get your mind off the work, and take a second for yourself. While you may miss fifteen minutes at work, it will probably make you more productive in the long run.

3. Remember what is going well- even if it is a day where nothing is going well; think back to a project you completed previously. Remember that project? It probably had the same bumps in the road. Think about how you overcame them, and impress yourself by doing it quicker and more efficiently this time around.

4. Drink water and eat healthy- At our work, we have free water and reusable cups. Stop on your way in and buy some fruit. Keeping well hydrated and eating right can make your mind work a lot better.

Read the full article at: http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/positive-thinking-7-easy-ways-to-improve-a-bad-day.html

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another IPhone 5 Update

Months ago, we posted about IPhone Five potential features. Some of these included a holographic key board, a holographic screen and increased battery life. Well, sadly, not all of these features are going to be included in the new phone. Perhaps the concept video had a little bit of wishful thinking going on, but the new IPhone is not going to be all that video made it out to be. Although there is not going to be a holographic keyboard, the new IPhone has some pretty promising features that are going to make it desired by consumers everywhere,  and here they are:

1. A steel plate covering the battery- Images of the new phone were leaked and they show a steel plate covering the battery on the back of the phone. This plate will decrease on the amount of glass on the phone (which cracks when you drop it) and is thought to give the phone better service. It also adds some pretty cool style.

2. A bigger screen- The phone is going to get longer, but not wider. This will allow it to easily fit in your pocket while keeping up with the huge screen sizes of Droid like phones.

3. A better looking screen- The phone is going to have the same screen resolution as the New IPad. This will make watching movies and viewing pictures a pleasure.

4. Longer Battery Life- Along with a bigger phone comes a bigger battery. It looks like the IPhone will have a much better battery life, which will help it keep up with the Droid. Verizon says the Droid Razor is the longest lasting smart phone ever.

Other un-important features include the face time camera being moved to the middle of the phone and the dock port being downsized. Many say the IPhone is due for a fail, but time will only tell! I guess we will just have to wait until December (or later) to find out.