Thursday, June 30, 2016

3 Tips to Help Your Job Hunt Slump

Grab a cup o' Joe, sit down in your rickety desk chair, turn on the computer and..... still nothing! It can be very frustrating when searching for a new job opportunity or just a job in general. It can take a significant amount of time which becomes tiring and turns into wanting to give up. You've hit a job hunt slump. So what do you do? Here's 3 tips on how to help your job search from a little fall into a huge ascent!

      1. Talk to a/your Recruiter

You may already know a recruiter or maybe you haven't ever spoken with one before. Either way, talking to one can increase your job search significantly. Recruiters are there to openly communicate job opportunities that they find based off your past work experience. They can find jobs specified to what you do/have done and talk to their clients in large or small companies to see if you would be a good fit. They are a helping guide to a potential job.

      2. Narrow in on your goals

If you don't know specifically what job or career you want, narrowing in on that may help your search. If you are interested in a certain title of a job, for example, Human Resources Manager, look for jobs with that title or a similar title. If you've had past careers but looking for something new, keep those past achievements from your previous job in your mind. Remembering what you've already done can help you specifically look for job descriptions that you know you can accomplish and continue to accomplish. 

      3. Don't stop networking

It's all about networking. How many times have you heard that before? It's the truth. Keeping in touch with past colleagues or coworkers can truly come in handy when job seeking. If those same people you're already connected with aren't seeming to help, connect with people outside of friends or previous coworkers! Find people in a company you would like a job in and send them a professional message about why you want to connect with them. 
Keeping open communication and networking could be a key factor into finding a job.

Following these simple steps, along with adding your own touches, can spin you out of that job hunt slump! Recruiters are a huge help in the job search process and so is networking. Narrowing in on your goals is a personal choice, but a step into the right direction for you to achieve them!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trusting Your Recruiter

Trusting Your Recruiter

When it comes to recruiting, the importance of communication and trust is major. Like the last blog, communication was highlighted as being very relevant to the business. Now it's time to learn why trust is the second highlighted factor in recruiting. 

A report by the Interaction Associates found that one of the most significant bases for trusting others is through experience and expertise or through having shared goals.

Says Ron Stewart author of “The Truth Of It: Why Trust Is Essential In Recruiting” (

  • Experience: Like the above quote, recruiters should be experienced in their field and aware of what can happen. A recruiters experience also involves knowing their client and how to hire appropriate talent for them, specifically. At Worlco, our recruiters have been in the business most, or all, of their career. Our clients have loyally been in business with Worlco and know that the experience and expertise of Worlco's recruiters meets and exceeds their needs. When working with a Worlco recruiter trying to enhance your career, know that this isn't their first rodeo! You are in good hands.
  • Focus: With any job, it is clear that focus is important. Focusing on the clients exact needs for an open job position helps us find the top talent suitable for the company at hand. Worlco narrows in on the specifics and goes above and beyond to find the stars of the IT professionals. This means we focus on YOUR talent as a candidate! We know this industry and focus on each job opportunity individually to place you where you will succeed!
  • Reliable: Reliability is something we all can appreciate. For instance, if your car breaks down you bring it to the mechanic relying on them to fix the problem. When it comes to career enhancement, you should be able to rely on your recruiter. In order to rely on them, you should trust your recruiter. Tell them your strengths and your weaknesses, and be honest with what you want to do in your future. The more we know about our candidate, the BETTER we can place them! Worlco is recruiting 24/7 and your recruiter can always be reached for your convenience.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Communication: Hughes Helpful Hint Edition

Communication is key. In the business Worlco is in, we thrive on communication to help candidates land a job. Bob Hughes, our president and CEO, has some "Hughes Helpful Hints" about why communication is so important.

The recruiting business is a person to person business. In this day and age, we are all about technology and forget what human to human interaction is at times. But hey, at Worclo we are in the Information Technology business! However, we know how essential it is to have that face to face or over the phone conversation to excel our business.

Bob says "We are sales people who need to set expectations, handle objections and do the little things along the way in the sell cycle". With this comes listening to our candidates as well as them doing the same for us. This way we can know when they are available to talk and reach candidates at a good time. By the candidates listening and communicating with us, they are able to let us know what they are looking for in a job.  Keeping open lines of communication between Worlco and the client is also crucial to keep them up to date on our progress.

So what can we take away from Hughes Helpful Hints today?

  • Worlco is recruiting business which is a person to person business.
  • We focus more on over the phone and face to face communication to truly get the most from our candidates and clients.
  • Keeping open communication towards candidates and clients is vital to Worlco so we can help our candidates find a right fit and keep our clients satisfied.

Thank you Bob Hughes for your Hughes Helpful Hint!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Worlco and the Millennials

Worlco and the Millennials

Millennials seem to be the hardest target to get through to. They like to hear a good story, says John Rossheim, author of “Attract Millennials with Your Employer Branding”. At Worlco, we wanted to explain our spin on how we brand to Millennials.

Share your brand.
Worlco Computer Resources strives to share everything we’re about on social media outlets. By posting and keeping up to date articles, pictures and quotes, we make sure our name is out there.
Millennials will sort you out by what they find about a company whether it is information they find on social media or other sources of advertising, such as T.V or print, says Rossheim.
Worlco is on top of all your social media needs! From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, we keep IT professionals and potential clients up to speed with everything Worlco.

You have 3 seconds to set the hook for Millennials.
Millennials are always quick and on the go. By going to our Worlco website and seeing what we believe in, it will be sure to catch your attention. With up and coming technology and constant change in the tech world, a need for Millennials is important. “We bridge the gap between the candidate and the client company”. With swift, eye-catching Tweets and trending hash tags, Worlco gives the ability to put the brand out there in a different way.

Millennials can amplify your employer brand.
At Worlco, we have been around for more than 30 years and have incorporated Millennials into branding Worlco through social media to keep clients, possible candidates and followers knowing about us. The importance it brings is consistency and relevance to those who follow us. We want people to know how serious we take our recruiting and placing the right people into the right job.

Influenced by John Rossheim's article "Attract Millennials with Your Employer Branding".
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