Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Solution For Difficult Tech Hires!

Having Difficulty Finding Top Talent For Your Company?....

Worlco is constantly on the hunt for TOP talented IT professionals. We focus a lot of our blog and social media posts on people passively, or selectively, looking for new opportunities... BUT Worlco also is known for having an outstanding reputation with our client relationships.

Worlco Computer Resources is a total information staffing firm with a strong focus in the Delaware Valley. We successfully bridge the gap between the client and the candidate and have been doing so for 34 years. In order to bring our clients the best of the best, we need to know what they are looking for and what fits their company! This can not be done simply  behind a computer screen.

Our Executive Partners tend to clients needs and wants on a superb level because we want them to receive the talent they are looking for. We spend time working with clients and validating that we are living up to their needs. We meet face to face and stay in touch because we care! You can find multiple client testimonials at our NEW website.

The top of the line employees can be difficult to find when you have all other aspects of your company sitting on your desk. Worlco relieves that stress and gives you access to talented IT experts. Listed below are some of the most difficult hires for tech. WE find them! If your company ever has hiring needs and you're ready for top talent to join your team..send them to! Our website is filled with our company history, client testimonials, job opportunities and MORE!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Password Day!

Password Day 2016

Password security is more important than you may notice. There are plenty of ways to protect your accounts and to be smart with your passwords!

Switch it up
Imagine having one key to your car, home, bank, work, and safe....someone gets a hold of one key and there goes all of your security! Make sure to have a variety of passwords within accounts, making no two alike. This will make it difficult for someone to hack into multiple accounts belonging to you.

Make it personalized
Common passwords are usually: password1, qwe123, or even your name with birthday. GET CREATIVE! Make it your favorite TV show, your pets name, or even your first words! It helps to remember when the password is significant to you, and makes it harder for a stranger to crack.

Is it logical?
Sometimes we tend to get a little TOO creative with our passwords. It can be tedious and confusing to reach around for different symbols, and that can also slow you down! Put punctuation, capitals, and symbols where it makes sense!

Wi-Fi Secure?
Avoid logging into accounts with passwords if there is not a secure Wi-Fi connection. Under and unsecured connection, it allows hackers access to your information.

now that we covered that, GO make sure you are secured on all accounts!