Thursday, June 30, 2016

3 Tips to Help Your Job Hunt Slump

Grab a cup o' Joe, sit down in your rickety desk chair, turn on the computer and..... still nothing! It can be very frustrating when searching for a new job opportunity or just a job in general. It can take a significant amount of time which becomes tiring and turns into wanting to give up. You've hit a job hunt slump. So what do you do? Here's 3 tips on how to help your job search from a little fall into a huge ascent!

      1. Talk to a/your Recruiter

You may already know a recruiter or maybe you haven't ever spoken with one before. Either way, talking to one can increase your job search significantly. Recruiters are there to openly communicate job opportunities that they find based off your past work experience. They can find jobs specified to what you do/have done and talk to their clients in large or small companies to see if you would be a good fit. They are a helping guide to a potential job.

      2. Narrow in on your goals

If you don't know specifically what job or career you want, narrowing in on that may help your search. If you are interested in a certain title of a job, for example, Human Resources Manager, look for jobs with that title or a similar title. If you've had past careers but looking for something new, keep those past achievements from your previous job in your mind. Remembering what you've already done can help you specifically look for job descriptions that you know you can accomplish and continue to accomplish. 

      3. Don't stop networking

It's all about networking. How many times have you heard that before? It's the truth. Keeping in touch with past colleagues or coworkers can truly come in handy when job seeking. If those same people you're already connected with aren't seeming to help, connect with people outside of friends or previous coworkers! Find people in a company you would like a job in and send them a professional message about why you want to connect with them. 
Keeping open communication and networking could be a key factor into finding a job.

Following these simple steps, along with adding your own touches, can spin you out of that job hunt slump! Recruiters are a huge help in the job search process and so is networking. Narrowing in on your goals is a personal choice, but a step into the right direction for you to achieve them!

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