Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Blog on Blogs

Blogs aren’t straight forward textbook texts, with boring words and long pages. Blogs are written by people with experience and who have knowledge of the industry they blog about. They continue to learn and write to help others learn in a professional yet laid back way. Now you may be thinking, “Laid back?”  Well sure! Blogging isn’t meant to bore people or be difficult to read. Fun jargon, mixed with the writers own style, makes for a fun read.  Whether you enjoy health blogs, personal blogs, technology blogs or marketing blogs, they are all unique in their own way. That’s the best part about them. You can’t always find that in textbooks (honestly, you really never find that).

An example of a fun blog to read is on They have their own writers posting blogs or videos to help the reader learn tricks and use different tools. They are more marketing focused with emphasis on SEO tricks and tips. One blog talks about narrowing down searches for a client who needs specific words people look for on the internet. The blog talks about using an Excel spreadsheet to make the process simpler.

Here at Worlco, we aim to do the same. We write blogs on interesting topics in the industry or topics to help with more of the business side of things. For example, we write blogs on topics like job searching, resume writing, and communication in the workplace or among employees.  Blogs are a way to write intriguing posts while still teaching something to the reader.  Utilizing the comment section is a great way to stay engaged and see what other readers think about the topic!

So get out there and read some blogs (especially Worlco’s!) and learn something new!

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