Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30th 2016: Computer Security Day

This year, Computer Security Day falls on Wednesday, November 30th 2016. This is a great reminder to check all of your gadgets and tech for any weaknesses it may have. Especially with the holidays rolling in, it is smart to be alert and on top of your personal security! You can never do enough security checks!

Here is a checklist of some things you can do to help secure your computers
  • Windows Update is enabled.
  • Antivirus software is installed and running.
  • Windows Firewall is turned on.
  • The software on the computer is up to date.
  • Strong passwords are always used.
  • Passwords are not shared or written down.
  • A password is required to access your computer.
  • Unused programs are removed.
  • Your home wireless network is secured.
  • Your important data is regularly backed up.
  • Use caution when browsing the Internet.
  • Log off the computer when you're not using it.
  • Web browser does not store or remember my passwords.
  • Temporary Internet files are periodically removed.
(list from

Thursday, August 11, 2016

How To Nail Your Interview In 5 Simple Steps!

It’s about that time - time to get ready for a big job interview and we all know how intimidating that can be. We’ve highlighted 5 steps for the pre-interview process to make sure your interviewer becomes your next boss.

1. Prepare:
Practice, practice, practice. Yes, it’s repetitive but it’s very necessary. Reading over your past accomplishments so you can point them out during the interview, or twist them to apply to the question, allows you to not stumble up on your words. Make sure to research the company you are going to the interview for and be knowledgeable about current events with the company. Being comfortable (to an extent) and knowing how to react to crazy questions out of left field, is key to impressing the interviewer.

2.  Body Language:
Sitting up straight with hands folded or in your lap is for more than just good posture. This allows the interviewer to see that you are not nervous (even if you are) and it shows professionalism. If you are slouched over or leaning your arm against the chair like you do at home, a future boss will not take you serious. Nobody wants to see someone interviewing and fidgeting around like a little kid. Here are some body language tools to take into your next interview:
·         Sit up straight in the chair
·         Hands can be folded or in your lap (unless holding a resume)
·         Men: keep legs straight down against the chair  Women: keep legs straight down against the chair or legs folded
·         Don’t let your eyes wander! Be attentive

      3. Dress the part:
Clothing is very important when going to an interview. The best idea to prepare, is to look up the company and the employees! Find out the company “feel.” If it is a very casual, low key company, then you will be fine not getting out the tuxedo for the time being. You want to be on their level, while being the most professional you can be! Here are some tips for dressing the part:
·         Get that hair out of your face!
·         Women, minimal jewelry…but men, get out those watches.
·         Whip out the IRON!
·         Try it on the night before, nothing like waking up and realizing you have nothing to wear!

4. Bring Resume:
Having your resume handy shows you are well prepared. There is always a chance of the interviewer asking to see your resume to look through and ask questions during the interview. Even if they have already seen your resume at some point, it shows him/her that you are ready and willing to show off your resume. Pack multiple copies!!

      5. Questions:
Bringing questions to an interview is a smart decision. When the interviewer is done asking YOU all the questions and says “Do you have any questions for me?” say yes! This is your chance to ask them about the company, current events you’ve read about or maybe a question directed towards the interviewer. This question could be something personal or about their own experience at the company. It’s your chance to become the interviewer so take advantage! It also gives you a chance to learn more and see if this will be the right fit for you.

When working with Worlco Recruiters, we make sure you are prepared properly and confident about your interview. Worlco wants you to succeed and we have the tools to help! These are just a few tips when it comes to the interview; imagine what else we have up our sleeve!

Now go out there and NAIL your interview!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Technology: Beyond The Basics

When you think of technology do you always think of how it can benefit you? Technology is all around us and is ever evolving. From iPhones to PC’s and even the engine in your car, technology is needed as much as it’s wanted. We depend on our smart phones for alarms, we constantly check our emails for important messages, and we count on our car to start in the morning…but sometimes we are hesitant when it comes to actually admitting trusting the technology we use. We rely on technology throughout the day which means we should trust it- right? Here are two examples of when trusting technology can be beneficial in the grand scheme of things.
      Fitbit: More than just a fitness tracker

Earlier this year, back in April, school teacher Jeff Bravo of Camden, NJ was having irregular heartbeats one day while teaching. They continued and he wound up having a seizure and woke up in the hospital. The doctors needed to know the exact moment his heart rate became irregular. This knowledge would allow them to prevent blood clots or any more seizures. Luckily, Bravo was wearing his Fitbit. The device helped eliminate a lot of the unknowns including if this was a chronic condition or side effect from the seizure (Christie Lleto, 6ABC News).

             Blind spot detection: Driver safety

Blind spot detection on vehicles has become much more popular in the last few years. It is being implemented into newer cars to allow the driver to be notified when changing lanes if they can’t see the other car. When the driver begins to change a lane and can’t see the other person driving slightly behind them, in their blind spot, a loud ding! will go off. Sometimes driving for a long time can become tiring and changing lanes becomes a habit so the person can get home quicker. This can cause accidents if not paying attention.  That’s where blind spot detection comes to help. Finding technology to help drivers is imperative to create safer driving.

Now, after some pretty interesting examples of technology, do you trust it even more now? Technology is here to help and advance us, let’s embrace it!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Technology Leads The Way for Startup Business: LevelUp

Are tangible credit cards a thing of the past? With a new startup business called LevelUp, this may be the case. LevelUp is a mobile application that allows customers to pay without taking out their wallet and using their credit/debit card. The LevelUp application might just change the way people pay when shopping or eating out.

So, let’s dig a little deeper into this creative new startup business.

LevelUp was started by Seth Priebatsch of Boston, Massachusetts. Before starting LevelUp, Seth created a gaming program called SCVNGR. Being a Princeton “drop-out”, he was only 21 when starting LevelUp.  He wanted to have a cheaper way to handle credit card charges to merchants. So unlike competitor Square, who charges a 2.75% processing fee, LevelUp only charges 2% and recently dropped even lower to 1.95%.

How It Works:

So here comes the cool part. Download the application, put your credit or debit card information in and BOOM! Your information turns into a QR-code to scan at a merchants store or eatery. It’s really that simple! When a store has the LevelUp POS system, you simply take your phone out, open up the app and place your phone in front to be scanned.

 Innovation and Features:

LevelUp has 14,000 partners including local Haddonfield, NJ coffee shop Saxbys and 1.5 million people using its application. There are many different features that a merchant can use to gain loyalty with customers and track the type of purchases they make. LevelUp offers a unique SDK (software development kit), for store owners to customize loyalty programs, receipt notifications and track analytics. These features allow merchants to easily access information from customers and engage with them post transaction. LevelUp also uses API (application programming interface) so merchants can develop their own campaigns, such as loyalty, customer retention and acquisition.

Apple Pay Vs. LevelUp:
“Your card number is never stored on your device, and when you pay your debit or credit card numbers are never sent to merchants. Apple Pay assigns a unique number for each purchase, so your payments stay private and secure.” (

For LevelUp, merchants keep your information because of the loyalty card programs they ensue. The LevelUp app keeps your credit card information stored in your phone, but only so there is a simple scannable bar-code to make a purchase. This way it retains customers back to a business and still makes it easy to pay. LevelUp is specific to businesses that have the LevelUp POS systems.

What does this mean for customers? Well the application allows not only credit or debit cards to be loaded into the app, but also pre-loaded cash and gift cards. The merchants can create a loyalty program or card that customers can pre-load to Apple Wallet. This makes it easier for the customer to re-visit the store and have the card ready to go.
LevelUp is helping change the paying game with its helpful and easy technology behind creating customer retention for merchants and easy paying method for customers. Just a simple startup can turn into something even bigger.

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Shontell, Alyson. "Payment Startup LevelUp Thinks It Has Found A Way To Charge Merchants A 0% Credit Card Processing Fee." Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc, 16 Apr. 2014. Web. 28 July 2016.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Blog on Blogs

Blogs aren’t straight forward textbook texts, with boring words and long pages. Blogs are written by people with experience and who have knowledge of the industry they blog about. They continue to learn and write to help others learn in a professional yet laid back way. Now you may be thinking, “Laid back?”  Well sure! Blogging isn’t meant to bore people or be difficult to read. Fun jargon, mixed with the writers own style, makes for a fun read.  Whether you enjoy health blogs, personal blogs, technology blogs or marketing blogs, they are all unique in their own way. That’s the best part about them. You can’t always find that in textbooks (honestly, you really never find that).

An example of a fun blog to read is on They have their own writers posting blogs or videos to help the reader learn tricks and use different tools. They are more marketing focused with emphasis on SEO tricks and tips. One blog talks about narrowing down searches for a client who needs specific words people look for on the internet. The blog talks about using an Excel spreadsheet to make the process simpler.

Here at Worlco, we aim to do the same. We write blogs on interesting topics in the industry or topics to help with more of the business side of things. For example, we write blogs on topics like job searching, resume writing, and communication in the workplace or among employees.  Blogs are a way to write intriguing posts while still teaching something to the reader.  Utilizing the comment section is a great way to stay engaged and see what other readers think about the topic!

So get out there and read some blogs (especially Worlco’s!) and learn something new!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

3 Tips to Help Your Job Hunt Slump

Grab a cup o' Joe, sit down in your rickety desk chair, turn on the computer and..... still nothing! It can be very frustrating when searching for a new job opportunity or just a job in general. It can take a significant amount of time which becomes tiring and turns into wanting to give up. You've hit a job hunt slump. So what do you do? Here's 3 tips on how to help your job search from a little fall into a huge ascent!

      1. Talk to a/your Recruiter

You may already know a recruiter or maybe you haven't ever spoken with one before. Either way, talking to one can increase your job search significantly. Recruiters are there to openly communicate job opportunities that they find based off your past work experience. They can find jobs specified to what you do/have done and talk to their clients in large or small companies to see if you would be a good fit. They are a helping guide to a potential job.

      2. Narrow in on your goals

If you don't know specifically what job or career you want, narrowing in on that may help your search. If you are interested in a certain title of a job, for example, Human Resources Manager, look for jobs with that title or a similar title. If you've had past careers but looking for something new, keep those past achievements from your previous job in your mind. Remembering what you've already done can help you specifically look for job descriptions that you know you can accomplish and continue to accomplish. 

      3. Don't stop networking

It's all about networking. How many times have you heard that before? It's the truth. Keeping in touch with past colleagues or coworkers can truly come in handy when job seeking. If those same people you're already connected with aren't seeming to help, connect with people outside of friends or previous coworkers! Find people in a company you would like a job in and send them a professional message about why you want to connect with them. 
Keeping open communication and networking could be a key factor into finding a job.

Following these simple steps, along with adding your own touches, can spin you out of that job hunt slump! Recruiters are a huge help in the job search process and so is networking. Narrowing in on your goals is a personal choice, but a step into the right direction for you to achieve them!

Click here for the link to Worlco's website for more information and how we can help you.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trusting Your Recruiter

Trusting Your Recruiter

When it comes to recruiting, the importance of communication and trust is major. Like the last blog, communication was highlighted as being very relevant to the business. Now it's time to learn why trust is the second highlighted factor in recruiting. 

A report by the Interaction Associates found that one of the most significant bases for trusting others is through experience and expertise or through having shared goals.

Says Ron Stewart author of “The Truth Of It: Why Trust Is Essential In Recruiting” (

  • Experience: Like the above quote, recruiters should be experienced in their field and aware of what can happen. A recruiters experience also involves knowing their client and how to hire appropriate talent for them, specifically. At Worlco, our recruiters have been in the business most, or all, of their career. Our clients have loyally been in business with Worlco and know that the experience and expertise of Worlco's recruiters meets and exceeds their needs. When working with a Worlco recruiter trying to enhance your career, know that this isn't their first rodeo! You are in good hands.
  • Focus: With any job, it is clear that focus is important. Focusing on the clients exact needs for an open job position helps us find the top talent suitable for the company at hand. Worlco narrows in on the specifics and goes above and beyond to find the stars of the IT professionals. This means we focus on YOUR talent as a candidate! We know this industry and focus on each job opportunity individually to place you where you will succeed!
  • Reliable: Reliability is something we all can appreciate. For instance, if your car breaks down you bring it to the mechanic relying on them to fix the problem. When it comes to career enhancement, you should be able to rely on your recruiter. In order to rely on them, you should trust your recruiter. Tell them your strengths and your weaknesses, and be honest with what you want to do in your future. The more we know about our candidate, the BETTER we can place them! Worlco is recruiting 24/7 and your recruiter can always be reached for your convenience.
To learn more about why you can trust Worlco go to our website.