Friday, March 7, 2014

When EVERYTHING You Touch Falls Apart...

Positive Diversions

What is a Positive Diversion ???

            Something you do … When you have reached the point of frustration  … when you “just can’t take it anymore”  … When everything you touch falls apart … When you ask yourself what in the world you are doing here … Something that is a diversion from what you are doing but will also help you reach your goals … a change of pace …

1.      Send an email you have been meaning to send.
2.      Listen to your favorite song.
3.      Go to lunch.
4.      Power 15 minute nap.
5.      Take a 20 minute ride.
6.      Walk around the mall.
7.      Do some exercise.
8.      Pick up the laundry.

Anything that will allow you for a short period of time to forget about the frustrations … do something different … restart your engine … recharge your battery ... while at the same time doing something to help you reach your objectives.
A Positive Diversion during the rough times will help to maintain a Positive Attitude. 

Remember though --- DON’T MAKE YOUR POSITIVE DIVERSION A NEGATIVE INFLUENCE ON SOMEONE ELSE --- JUST BSing with another person who is trying to work may be a positive diversion for you but a negative impact on someone else. 

A great attitude will compensate for a lot of errors and frustrations

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