Tuesday, March 11, 2014

7 Ways to Climb Out of a Silly Slump!

In a Little Bit of a Slump??

1.     Revisit your daily plan … is what you do everyday helping you reach your personal objectives? … are you demanding enough of yourself to overcome a set of different goals?

2.     List five things you could do smarter … focus your effort in addressing these areas … increase your own productivity.

4.     Get someone you respect to listen to ideas or issues you're facing … another opinion will help refine your skills.

5.     Stay away from the “pity parties” … whining does no good and has a major impact on others, negatively.

6.     Hang around positive successful people … success breeds success.

7.     Rearrange your office or room … a new look could provide a new attitude.


(Some of Jeffrey Gitomer's, from the Philadelphia Business Journal, observations and recommendations.)

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