Thursday, March 1, 2012

IPhone 5 Discusssions

At Worlco, we understand that having the word computer in our title provides us with the obligation to keep up on the latest technology. The people we place are always interested in the best phones, computer and technology. The IPhone 5 is always a hot topic, so we figured we would throw out some ideas about what will hopefully be the greatest phone ever.

By: Patrick Tiedeken

First of all, here is a website that ALWAYS has great content on the latest rumors for the IPhone 5 and alone, can keep you up on all Apple news that everyone is so interested in.

Next, two words: Holographic keyboard. Yes that is right. The other day, I saw a video on Youtube that shows the IPhone 5 having a holographic keyboard. That means that you could put your phone down on a table and have a larger touch keyboard appear on your table that you could use! Who knows if this is true, but if it is, it would be pretty awesome, and probably just another really cool, fairly useless feature Apple would provide. Come on, we all can agree that Siri is AMAZING, but who really uses it a lot?

So, we all know how expensive Apple's accessories are. A charger for a MacBook Pro goes for about $80. Well, there are talks of the IPhone 5 needing a whole new round of accessories. The most talked about would be a new "micro dock connector." I don't know how much that would cost, but it sounds fancy.

Last, there are finally talks of addressing the battery life of the phone. Recently, Android rolled out a phone that is supposed to last ALL DAY. Imagine that! A smart phone that will last all day! I am an IPhone 4 user, and I am on my phone all day, and it does not last that long. I always end up charging my phone midday. If Apple can make a IPhone that will last all day, that would be a huge plus.

For Apple's sake, I hope the IPhone 5 is a success. They have to pay their new CEO $189,000 per hour somehow...

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