Monday, May 14, 2018

Three Tips to Take Your Network to the Next Level

Network, network, network- you’ve heard it in school, all over LinkedIn, and through your colleagues. But just how important is networking? According to a survey conducted by Lou Adler, 85% of jobs are filled by networking. Even the most active candidates in his survey found their jobs via networking. Don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the three networking tips you need to take your professional network to the next level.

1.      Help Your Network- Remember the golden rule when it comes to professional connections! If you want their help, you must be able to assist them too. When relationships are one sided, people will be far less open to helping you out when the time comes. Create mutually beneficial relationships by staying up to date with the people in your network and always being ready to lend a helping hand.

2.      Be Straightforward- When you need help from your colleagues, don’t be afraid to ask. Rather than beating around the bush and hoping the other party picks up on what you want, be direct and tell them what you need from them. It will save time for both of you and keep the relationship open.

3.      Keep in Touch­- Don’t only reach out to your network when you need something- tell them when things are going well too! No one wants to be an afterthought who is only called to help others. Plus, the people in your network probably care about you and would want to hear about your success.

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