Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Can You Compete With Recent College Grads?

About a year after the class of 2017 turned their tassels and graduated into the real world, LinkedIn did some research to see where these graduates are now. After doing some research, they made a list of the top ten skills most popular skills of graduates who found employment.
Here are the top ten skills of the graduates that got hired. Do you have what it takes to compete against them?

1.      Microsoft Office- Today, being fluent in Microsoft programs is a requirement for most jobs. To stay competitive, it’s important to set yourself apart. Anyone can create a document in Word or a PowerPoint presentation, but not everyone can do so effectively. Master Word and PowerPoint and learn how to manipulate data in Excel to really give yourself an edge against the class that grew up with computers.

2.      Customer Service- Creative problem solving will get you a long way with companies who are looking for ways to increase their customer service ratings. If you have success stories from your past, don’t be shy about sharing them in interviews. Show companies that you have the knowledge and skills to be one step ahead when it comes to keeping customers happy.

3.      Leadership- There’s a big difference between managers and strong leaders. If you can motivate your team to enthusiastically complete their work while gaining their respect, you should brag about your leadership abilities.

4.      Public Speaking- One of the most common fears of the workforce but also one of the most desirable traits, public speaking is pertinent in almost every industry. Learn how to keep calm and still communicate clearly when all the pressure is on.

5.      Social Media- Because the class of 2018 grew up with social media, competing with them here might take some extra work. Try starting with your own social media accounts to see if you can set and obtain goals such as increased followers or more interaction. You can also read up on social media or even take classes online to catch up.

6.      Teamwork- It almost goes without saying that being able to productively collaborate with colleagues to reach a joint goal is a highly desirable quality in an employee. Practice communicating with your coworkers and ask your boss to put you on more team projects if you don’t think you’ve had enough experience.

7.      Time Management- Be honest, how productive are you with your time? Take away distractions and train yourself to accomplish tasks on a timetable that will impress future employers.

8.      Research- No matter what your job title is, chances are research will be part of it. Whether you are finding information for a project or looking for self-improvement, it’s important to find reliable sources and be able to learn from them.

9.      Management- Good managers can gain the respect of subordinates without ever making them feel below them. Is your team motivated to succeed? If not, step back and reflect on how you can improve.

10.   Event Planning- Workshops, office parties, client luncheons… can you handle the stress of putting together an event for a large group? Are you detail oriented enough to make a small gathering useful and memorable? This is another skill you can practice in your personal life to perfect it in your professional life.

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