Thursday, August 4, 2016

Technology: Beyond The Basics

When you think of technology do you always think of how it can benefit you? Technology is all around us and is ever evolving. From iPhones to PC’s and even the engine in your car, technology is needed as much as it’s wanted. We depend on our smart phones for alarms, we constantly check our emails for important messages, and we count on our car to start in the morning…but sometimes we are hesitant when it comes to actually admitting trusting the technology we use. We rely on technology throughout the day which means we should trust it- right? Here are two examples of when trusting technology can be beneficial in the grand scheme of things.
      Fitbit: More than just a fitness tracker

Earlier this year, back in April, school teacher Jeff Bravo of Camden, NJ was having irregular heartbeats one day while teaching. They continued and he wound up having a seizure and woke up in the hospital. The doctors needed to know the exact moment his heart rate became irregular. This knowledge would allow them to prevent blood clots or any more seizures. Luckily, Bravo was wearing his Fitbit. The device helped eliminate a lot of the unknowns including if this was a chronic condition or side effect from the seizure (Christie Lleto, 6ABC News).

             Blind spot detection: Driver safety

Blind spot detection on vehicles has become much more popular in the last few years. It is being implemented into newer cars to allow the driver to be notified when changing lanes if they can’t see the other car. When the driver begins to change a lane and can’t see the other person driving slightly behind them, in their blind spot, a loud ding! will go off. Sometimes driving for a long time can become tiring and changing lanes becomes a habit so the person can get home quicker. This can cause accidents if not paying attention.  That’s where blind spot detection comes to help. Finding technology to help drivers is imperative to create safer driving.

Now, after some pretty interesting examples of technology, do you trust it even more now? Technology is here to help and advance us, let’s embrace it!

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