Thursday, August 11, 2016

How To Nail Your Interview In 5 Simple Steps!

It’s about that time - time to get ready for a big job interview and we all know how intimidating that can be. We’ve highlighted 5 steps for the pre-interview process to make sure your interviewer becomes your next boss.

1. Prepare:
Practice, practice, practice. Yes, it’s repetitive but it’s very necessary. Reading over your past accomplishments so you can point them out during the interview, or twist them to apply to the question, allows you to not stumble up on your words. Make sure to research the company you are going to the interview for and be knowledgeable about current events with the company. Being comfortable (to an extent) and knowing how to react to crazy questions out of left field, is key to impressing the interviewer.

2.  Body Language:
Sitting up straight with hands folded or in your lap is for more than just good posture. This allows the interviewer to see that you are not nervous (even if you are) and it shows professionalism. If you are slouched over or leaning your arm against the chair like you do at home, a future boss will not take you serious. Nobody wants to see someone interviewing and fidgeting around like a little kid. Here are some body language tools to take into your next interview:
·         Sit up straight in the chair
·         Hands can be folded or in your lap (unless holding a resume)
·         Men: keep legs straight down against the chair  Women: keep legs straight down against the chair or legs folded
·         Don’t let your eyes wander! Be attentive

      3. Dress the part:
Clothing is very important when going to an interview. The best idea to prepare, is to look up the company and the employees! Find out the company “feel.” If it is a very casual, low key company, then you will be fine not getting out the tuxedo for the time being. You want to be on their level, while being the most professional you can be! Here are some tips for dressing the part:
·         Get that hair out of your face!
·         Women, minimal jewelry…but men, get out those watches.
·         Whip out the IRON!
·         Try it on the night before, nothing like waking up and realizing you have nothing to wear!

4. Bring Resume:
Having your resume handy shows you are well prepared. There is always a chance of the interviewer asking to see your resume to look through and ask questions during the interview. Even if they have already seen your resume at some point, it shows him/her that you are ready and willing to show off your resume. Pack multiple copies!!

      5. Questions:
Bringing questions to an interview is a smart decision. When the interviewer is done asking YOU all the questions and says “Do you have any questions for me?” say yes! This is your chance to ask them about the company, current events you’ve read about or maybe a question directed towards the interviewer. This question could be something personal or about their own experience at the company. It’s your chance to become the interviewer so take advantage! It also gives you a chance to learn more and see if this will be the right fit for you.

When working with Worlco Recruiters, we make sure you are prepared properly and confident about your interview. Worlco wants you to succeed and we have the tools to help! These are just a few tips when it comes to the interview; imagine what else we have up our sleeve!

Now go out there and NAIL your interview!

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