Thursday, May 10, 2012

Urgency in The Candidate, Client and Recruiter Relationship

At Worlco, we often use the term, HOT JOB!!!

You might ask, what is a hot job? A hot job is a job that the client is looking to fill as soon as possible. Today the technology industry is fast paced, and many clients need the right coder, programmer or application developer NOW! As more jobs roll in, we are finding that more jobs are considered to be urgent positions to fill. Simply put: we specialize in finding you the right candidate for the position, quickly.

It is important to create urgency in your relationships with candidates without making them feel rushed into a position or new job that they may regret later. The time to find out if the candidate and client is a good match is in the initial screening of the candidate and that is where experience comes into play. There are signs of a good candidate who will match well with a client, and with extensive experience in the recruiting field, the partners at Worlco know these signs better than anyone! Once it is determined that the candidate and client are a good match, it is time to submit the candidate. This process needs to happen, FAST.

Some ways to move this process along is follow up, keeping the candidate interested in the job and explaining to the candidate the urgent need to get moving on the position! If the candidate knows how important it is to keep moving forward fast and they really want the position, they will move as fast as you want them to.

As far as the client goes, well, recruiters know that some clients respond to emails and phone calls faster than others. If the position is as hot as they say it is, they will respond quickly, and move quickly, and your problem is solved.

The main point is that it is important for the candidate to understand that Worlco knows how to make the perfect match with the client, even if it all happens with in the same week!

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