Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Unemployment and How Worlco Can Help

At Worlco, we deal with many candidates who were recently unemployed. Weather cut backs in their old companies budget is usually the reason for these layoffs, and we like to help these people move on from their employer and onto a great new rewarding career. One of the ways this happens is through consulting jobs, or something called a right to hire. Many recently unemployed people take consulting contracts with companies to make some extra money, but do not realize the benefits this can have. On these consulting jobs, these people often meat many connections that can lead them to their next job. Also, many consulting jobs are considered or turn into a "right to hire." This means that the company hires the candidate as a consultant for a period of time, but eventually turns their consulting role into a full time position. We have seen many consultants proceed into full time roles, and it's very exciting to watch someone evolve at a company when we are responsible for placing them there. Poking around the internet, I came across a great article by Forbes that gives you things to do while unemployed that will help lead you into a new job. The first idea that almost everyone agrees with is to try a contract position. Here is what Forbes had to say:

Take a temporary or contract assignment.
Seventy-nine percent would recommend doing this. Why? “The key is to get people to see your work and to see what you’re capable of doing,” says Andy Teach, the author of From Graduation to Corporation: The Practical Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder One Rung at a Time. “If you do a great job, even if it’s for a temporary job, whoever hired you is more likely to recommend you for a permanent position.”

As you can see, there is no shame or harm in taking a temporary position. 
TV example: Even Ryan from "The Office" was hired as a temporary worker, but worked "hard" and  turned into a full time employee. Do we recommend working or acting like Ryan in "The Office?" NO! But if Ryan was hired as a temp and became a full time employee, there is no reason why you can't do the same!

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