Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Facebook Job Search Applications

Here at Worlco, we are always looking for the next breakthrough in job advertising and job search. Everyone knows there are an abundance of Facebook applications, but here are a few that may be worth mentioning:

Branch Out: Much like LinkedIn, Branch Out allows you to create a personal profile with your job experience and professional skills. Branch Out is free, and also allows you to search for jobs. From a professional perspective, the major benefit of Branch out is that you can perform job searches as a candidate or add your resume to a pool of resumes that will then generate jobs recommended for you based on your work experience. Although Branch Out is fairly new, it does seem that many employers have posted jobs on the site. That's good news for the candidate, because reputable employers are at least trying this application out!

Work For Us: Work For Us is a page that companies can use to advertise the positions they have open on Facebook. The company can download the application and post as many jobs as they want. The jobs will show up in one of the tabs, usually the last tab, for the company. Currently, companies can try Work For Us for 30 days free! Worlco is currently undergoing the free trial. Work For Us currently has over 7,000 users.

These two new job search opportunities could be the next big hit in job searching! If you are interested in advancing your career in anyway, it may be worth checking them out.

Worlco is looking into these new job search opportunities. Check out our jobs posted on our Facebook page by visiting www.facebook.com/worlcocomputerresources, and who knows, if you join Branched Out, you might just see Worlco's jobs posted in the information technology section sooner rather than later!

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