Monday, September 17, 2012

Part 2 of 3: Questions to Ask to Hire the Right People

In the first part of this three part entry, we showed you three questions to ask to hire the right people. You may have to ask yourself these questions, or your candidates. What this all goes back to is understanding exactly what the client wants in an employee and finding the All Star candidate. Here are three more questions to ask that will help you be a successful recruiter.

4. What roles will each individual involved in the hiring process play?
     In the hiring process, there are many different individuals involved no matter how much you as the recruiter try to simplify it. There will be the hiring manager, the manager who will be receiving the candidate upon hiring, the candidate him/herself and of course, you, the recruiter. As the recruiter, you need to be a master of communication. You may end up telling the candidate, your senior partner and the hiring manager at the company the same story three times. You have to make sure that you tell it clearly all three times and do not cut any corners. You also have to make sure you are always communicating FOR THE MANAGER AND CANDIDATE, trying to understand any changes in their process that they may not be telling you. Recruiting requires a large amount of instincts, and if you feel like a candidate is backing out or the hiring manger's needs are changing and they may have forgot to tell you, you are probably right. Here is a great list of recruiter's responsibilities in the hiring process:

-Provide tools to define job competencies, skills, and qualifications
-Provide tools and guidance to hiring managers and employees on using social relationships to find candidates
-Maintain talent pools with potential candidates
-Use job postings, search tools and other methods to find candidates
-Screen out clearly unqualified candidates
-Recommend qualified candidates to hiring manager for review
-Provide interview guides to hiring managers and employees
-Communicate to candidates why and how selection tools are used; answer candidate questions
-Engage qualified candidates to keep them interested in the job
-Sell candidates on the benefits of the company as an employer
-Provide advice on strengths and weaknesses of candidates
-Provide guidance to candidates and hiring managers on steps required to bring a new employee onboard.
-Collect data on performance and retention of candidates after they have been hired

5. How will we find candidates?
   The next fee a candidate pays the recruiting company will be the first. That being said, if you have tons of jobs open and no candidates, you will definitely be out of luck. There are many ways to find quality candidates and having too many candidates and picking out the All Stars is never a bad thing. Here are a couple of the many ways you can source candidates:

-Job Postings: Although it can be costly to post jobs, many active candidates will look on websites for open jobs and actually contact you. It is not a bad idea to take a portion of your budget and use it to post jobs online.
-Social Networking: LinkedIn and Facebook are getting larger and larger each day. Using these tools as a recruiter is never a bad idea, as our company has found quite a few candidates through LinkedIn. Have an active Facebook page, and post on LinkedIn to stay active in the social media world. Paying for a premium LinkedIn account is also something to look into based on the budget of your company.

6. Once we have these candidates, which ones should we actually hire?

   There are many requirements one must fulfill to actually have their candidate hired at the client company. From resume screens to drug screens, a candidate must really meet every check point. To get your candidate hired, it is pretty simple. You need to keep a close relationship with the client company, and have the BEST candidate. Use the above methods to find the most quality candidates possible, and you will probably have a pretty good success rate. At Worlco, we definitely pride ourselves on picking out the stars in the technology business!

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