Friday, July 10, 2009

Information Security Consulting

Worlco adds Information Security Consulting Services through a partnership with one of the area’s leading Security groups, BTB Group, LLC. Details are available in the Services Section on the web site.

Information Security Consulting Services:

Penetration Testing
This tests the security posture of your organization by attempting to gain access to your systems and data through exploitation of security vulnerabilities in people, processes, and technology.

Information Security Evaluation
A comprehensive review of information security controls to measure your security posture for regulatory compliance or best practice measures.

Computer Forensics
This is an examination of evidence for civil and criminal cases, investigation of company computers to determine employee or attacker activity, preparation of electronic discovery requests, and more.

Data Recovery

Accidentally deleted a file? Has a hard drive stopped working? The data recovery service addresses these problems and gets your files back.

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